I feel like my two favorite worlds ( FOOD and SHOPPING) collided today when I was invited for a first taste of Fred’s at Barney’s before it officially  opens next week.  Fred’s has been the staple restaurant at the flagship Barney’s in New York and has become somewhat of an institution for power lunchers, chic shoppers, and the who’s who in the bustling city. While I obviously LOVE my Barney’s in Beverly Hills, it was missing one thing: FRED’S. Every time my friend’s and I went to New York, we made it a point to have lunch at Fred’s- not only for their perfect salads and pommes frites, but also to get a taste of all the HOOPLA we’re missing out on in LA. So for the loyal angeleno Barney’s shopper and everyone here that reluctantly  ends up in the “LA vs NY” battle- FRED’S AT BARNEY’S BEVERLY HILLS is not just another lunch option, it’s a small victory for the city of Los Angeles **the townspeople rejoice**!

ANYWAY, so you can imagine how excited and honored I was to be invited to sample their menu and give my feedback! Finally having a #pickypalette is paying off… and they actually WANT to hear all my opinions and critiques! So my mom and I made our way to the newly reconstructed 5th floor, and got our Padma Lakshmi on…

photo 1




photo 2

…TO STAY THIN! ooo I’ll def be needing that during the HOLIDAY season 😉

photo 1

Very refreshing and surprisingly filling watermelon and heirloom tomato salad with basil and blue cheese! I usually say no to blue cheese but I loved sweet and savory flavor combination of this salad. Perfect way to cool off after an intense session of shopping cardio!

photo 2

MADISON AVENUE salad- great mixture of 17 different vegetables and tuna! #healthyandhearty

photo 3

BELGIAN POMMES FRITES… similar to your favorite fry- but made of thick-cut  Belgian bintjes potatoes that are double fried AKA TWICE AS GOOD! These frites are crispy on the outside and soft and airy on the inside. Even though they are fried twice, they actually taste less greasy than your conventional fry and are the perfect little naughty accompaniment to your otherwise healthy lunch! Served with ketchup, calypso sauce, and my favorite- garlic aoli- which is just a fancy way of saying MAYO.  Little known fact- I HATE MAYO (gross!) , but LOVE AOLI (even though it’s the same thing)… ah the power of good marketing 🙂

ALL IN ALL we had a great experience. I obviously did have a lot of feedback to give, and can’t wait for FRED’S to open officially next thursday! It will be a great addition to one of my favorite establishments– BARNEY’s!