While I love summer and all the flouncy skirts, beachside travels, and golden tans that the season brings– there comes a time in the year when a girl’s gotta rock her #FABULUXE fall fashions!!!  I thoroughly enjoy the endless summer barbecues and pool days in Los Angeles and not having to BRING A JACKET out with me at night, which is quite possibly the most annoying thing ever! I just like to leave my house in ONE ensemble and have that be my OUTFIT FOR THE WHOLE DAY, and not wonder how it will look if I add or subtract my outside layer!!! i know… #thestruggle. Anyway, as fun and care fee as summer is, when it gets well into OCTOBER and still 90+ degrees… we have a FASHION EMERGENCY… not that that it’s more important than the effects of global warming and the future of our earth, but let’s just focus on the topic of this post. I cannot tell you how sick I am of wearing my summer uniform of different variations of v-neck tshirts and denim shorts because it is just too hot to wear any REAL CLOTHES.  And as temperatures keep rising, there are a few MAJOR fall purchases that are burning a hole in my closet (not wallet, bc they’re already paid for #BAM) as well.  Since I haven’t been able to wear them, I might as well post them- it’s like basically the same thing anyway, right?

First we have a little #CHANEL CALFSKIN… or okay, a LOT of calfskin

imageSo smooth they feel like BUTTAH. #thanksunlcekarl

imageAt this price point, I was a #smartshopper and opted for the more classic boot, left, that won’t go out of style in one season, from the PARIS- DALLAS COLLECTION (which was referenced approx 1000x during our WYOMING CAMPING TRIP).

and then we have this glorious #STELLAMCCARTNEY wool motorcycle jacket.


I feel like this is one of those items that you may sleep on at first because it’s not SCREAMING for attention, but  will end up magically matching with everything be worn over and over again!

As every good poker player and fashion lover knows, you can never reveal all your cards- so that’s just a little sneak peak of 2 items you’ll see me rocking this fall/winter!