Perhaps rules really ARE meant to be broken- bc let me tell you what happened when I actually went to SUSHI ON A SUNDAY! Well, first- I should probably explain and clear up this well publicized DOROTHY RULE (the power of E!). Nearly all fish markets are closed on Sunday. This means- if you are eating sushi aka RAW FISH on a Sunday- chances are that fish has been dead since Saturday, or sometimeseven Friday! #NOTSOFRESH. Even though it’s properly frozen, meets all the food safety regulations, and safe to eat- if I’m consuming raw, uncooked, fish in its purest form- I want it to be as fresh as possible, so generally  I prefer my seafood cooked on Sundays… or deep fried! Fish and Chips are EXTRA SAFE! 🙂 


So it is rare that I will opt for sushi on a Sunday, but if I do, I make sure it is at a trusted establishment with a very high standard of quality. On this occasion, my dear mother wanted Matsuhisa for dinner… and how do you say no to VIVI??? 

Well, let me just tell you, maybe the joke was on me because ALL THE COOL PEOPLE seem to go to Matsuhisa on Sunday! Upon entry, we were checking in at the hostess counter next to none other than a fashion designer and overall dictator of all things cool, ALEXANDER WANG. Unfortunately, despite the last name- we are NOT related. I should probably take this opportunity to publicly state that I’m also NOT related to Vera Wang. My dad was friends with her, but there is NO RELATION. (Hopefully I will never have to respond to another tweet or comment about that again!)

Back to AWANG- he is literally even more cool and intriguing in person and REALLY PRETTY! Like honestly, his tanned skin, strong brow bone, and center parted wavy hair… he was like the perfect version of a male Pocahontas? Honestly, even with my bounciest blowout and contoured cheeks, I can openly admit that ALEXANDER WANG WAS THE PRETTIEST ASIAN IN THE 14 TABLE RESTAURANT. 

At one point, he looked over at me when a member of his hipster chic crew motioned and said “look at that girl’s birkin” or  “look it’s that girl from that show”—HONESTLY IT’S VERY HARD TO DECIPHER WHAT MY SELLING POINT IS NOWADAYS. I was too entranced by his perfect symmetrical face and embarrassed by my all white Khloe Kardashian 2012-esque ensemble to say anything, and concentrated on taking pictures of my mom’s accessories before I nervously made my way to the sushi bar- NOTE- where the real sushi enthusiasts sit.



 Upon sitting and ordering our omakases, I realized Kevin Connolly aka E from Entourage, was sitting next to me. And guess what- HE IS A BIG FAN OF THE SHOW!!! Amidst me trying my best to act like I didn’t realize he was next to me, he turned to me and said congrats on the premiere and that  #richkids is one of the only shows that he watches – who would have thought?! I was so taken aback and said “wait really??? But you’re like an actual actor and legitimate in the industry!”. But he ensured me that he thoroughly enjoys our show and going home to watch it on his DVR right after he is done with the Kobe steak sizzling on the rock in front of him. We chatted about all things #richkids and he even commented that Matsuhisa is the only place in LA where you can break my #NOSUSHIONSUNDAY rule… HE KNEW ABOUT MY RULE!

After a lovely dinner where I pretended that RICE isn’t really a CARB for me bc i’m ASIAN and “my body is meant to have this”, I smiled at Karolina Kurkova on my way out and thought to myself- “geez maybe sushi on a Sunday isn’t that bad after all!”