The Ten Hour Roadtrip!

11376603_621854324618858_1031060483_nThis week’s episode was a lot of fun!

Silks class with Morgan was just as ridiculous and comical as you saw on TV. Lots of freaking out and “OMG I feel like…” comparisons, which I believe to be a specialty of ours! Silks is already a very strenuous and core-engaging exercise, but even more challenging for someone like me to give up control, let go, and just float upside down!

I’ve been going to Vegas with my family every since I was young. I kind of love everything about it- the food, the shopping, the nightlife, the luxury, so I always love a trip to Vegas… and even more so if I’m getting paid to do it!

Our road trip, which neared the double digits in hours (aka 10) due to all the fun stops we insisted on making, was a lot of fun and a great chance for us to really catch up. With all that time in a car, of course Morgan’s current situation with Roxy came up and of course I wanted to have an open conversation about it and support my friend and how she was feeling. Something, though, that I have mentioned to Morgan many times, we actually see Roxy say to her mom this episode; that she’s in a new relationship, and doesn’t really know her place, and what she should and shouldn’t get involved in. I’m not saying that that makes anything more right or wrong, but I think putting yourself in someone else’s situation may help us understand the other person’s actions better.

I’m not going to lie, this Vegas trip was honestly the most drama free and easy trip we’ve been on for a while! And I’m not saying it’s all because of Roxy not being there, as we all add our own special spice to the mix, but she has definitely majorly contributed to some tension and travel unpleasantries in the past (Cabo, China, Bahamas).

I think honestly, a trip with 2 people is always pleasant because 1) you wouldn’t go on a 2 person trip unless you actually like and are getting along with the other party and 2) no one acts up or fights with each other because you know you’re all you got! Ha.

I literally felt like it was MTV spring break at the hot body contest we judged. Did you guys notice, I broke my own rule of no heels at the pool??? This just shows, even though I do love my little rules they are meant to be broken at times and what better place than